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Michelle Brown Painting

Michelle Brown holds a BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art  She has exhibited her work throughout New England  Print and screen images spark the narrative themes that make up these diptych paintings.  Similar to a stream of consciousness mode of writing these “story boards” unfold by  associative leaps and juxtapositions. Each painting begins with ruling lines. The amount  of space between lines, length of image and sequence, repetition are some of the formal  decisions that determine the degree to which things move and become animated or  remain still. These paintings reflect time spent with art books, film stills, contemporary  media and personal photographs. There are dramas to be gleaned, society to be  contemplated, experience to be expressed. The process of stringing imagery together, of  weaving the personal with the collective; slows down the continuous flow of images and  interrupts consumption. Painting can reward sustained attention in this technologically  saturated time. These aim to evoke and not make explicit and encourage to viewer to  interpret freely.

All of the below paintings are oil on wood diptychs 50×60″.


Interlude, 2014


Drive-by, 2010


Drive-by detail


Kinship of Images, 2012

"Some Day It Ends" Oil on Wood, Michelle Brown, Literature of the Non-Word, gallery@ArtBlock Photo by Jacob Belcher

Someday It Ends, 2014